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CEP ChangeMakers is a project led by Cheltenham Education Partnership in which young people from across Cheltenham's secondary schools and colleges unite to tackle climate change. Together, these young people will agree on where focus should be given towards achieving sustainability across Cheltenham's schools and community.

Participants share learning opportunities with industry specialist throughout the course of the year and feel empowered to ask the questions that matter to them most with local government leaders. This is a collaborative project that encourages the sharing of knowledge and best practice both across the partnership and the wider community. 

In November 2021, CEP ChangeMakers launched with an event where 30 students from across 10 CEP schools and colleges (CEP ChangeMakers Committee) met with industry specialists and government officials to investigate how their schools and community are being impacted by issues relating to climate change, and discover some of the available sustainable solutions. As an outcome from this event the students agreed on where to focus their attentions towards achieving environmental sustainability at school and community levels. 

In the summer term 2022, larger numbers of students from across all CEP schools and colleges will come together for the CEP ChangeMakers Summit. During this event students will have the opportunity to present and celebrate the action they have taken since the ChangeMakers launch in front of local government leaders and industry representatives. We will also be working with the University of Gloucestershire Sustainability team to provide a number of workshops as part of the summit. These workshops will aim to deepen students' knowledge around environmental sustainability and future careers in this area, plus offer CPD for staff. There will also be a chance for students to ask more questions from industry experts.