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#LaptopsForLearning - Let's Keep Going!

Thank you for your support so far. Let’s keep going!

There are currently over 500 children in Cheltenham who do not have adequate technology to do school work from home. Despite the end of the most recent lock-down being in sight, this problem will continue to exist. Now more than ever children need to access digital resources for homework and other aspects of their education, and beyond as they enter the world of employment.

So far, we have received donations of 35 IT devices and over £3,000. Please continue to spread news of this important scheme and help us provide IT equipment to those students in need by donating unused laptops/ipads or through donating money towards the #LaptopsForLearning fund. Details of donation points managed by Cheltenham Education Partnership schools and information on how to contribute towards the #LaptopsForLearning fund can be found here:

Once delivered to one of our carefully managed donation points, IT equipment is securely transported to IT Schools Africa by volunteers at GCHQ, who are supporting with the process of securely wiping old data and reinstalling new software. From there, the refurbished IT equipment will be redistributed out to Cheltenham’s Secondary and Primary schools.

When making donations of IT equipment we kindly ask that laptops are in good working condition with their power supplies. With tablets please make sure the user accounts have been deleted and the device is unlocked. ipads should be removed from their associated apple iCloud account.

For full information about the #LaptopsForLearning scheme visit: