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Chelt 4 Change Youth Debate

Subject: Inequality
Thursday 24 March 2022

Year 10 - 13 students from across CEP schools will come together for the first of a series of Cheltenham youth debates titled 'Chelt 4 Change'. This first event will cover the important subject of 'inequality' as proposed by the students themselves. 

Chelt 4 Change aims to provide a forum through which young people from CEP schools come together and discuss topics of interest or concern, in the presence of policymakers and other guests as part of a panel. Inspired by the CEP 'Education Question Time' event hosted by Dean Close School previously (October 2019), this event will facilitate communication between young people of Cheltenham and our political representatives, as well as to address topics of interest with clarity and transparency.

To achieve this aim, the event will manifest as a discussion between young people, followed by a live Q&A with specialist panel members.  It is intended that each school will bring up to 30 pupils and write a short statement detailing their opinions, to be delivered by two or three pupils from each school.  It is anticipated that each school will have three minutes to verbally present their views on a topic.

The panel of policymakers, dignitaries and others will then be led through a facilitated Q&A where they can respond to what has been raised by the young people.  This will be supplemented by questions from the host and from the floor.

The theme ‘inequality’ is a deliberately broad topic and young people from each school will be encouraged to consider what this means to them.  We would suggest a starting point would be considering their lived experience and reflected on the inequality that they see in the world.

Students, please contact your CEP Champion to register your interest.